The «Surety in Christ» program

Take free Bible courses and find friends in Christ in the US.

Recently in the US or just planning to come?

Are you planning to come to the U.S. as a refugee?

Entry by legal means (including through CBP one) often requires a guarantor.
The guarantor must be a person whom you know personally, as well as someone with whom you have communicated of other issues - not related to crossing the US border. Although the collection of payment by a guarantor is illegal, we often hear of situations where refugees are charged money for such a surety.

We - as U.S. citizens and Christians of Bethany SBC (WA) - believe that this is wrong. We are ready to offer our friendship in Christ, be free guarantors for anyone who is willing to share our principles, and help adapting to life here in Washington State.
Why Washington State?
A democratic state with the best refugee programs in the United States
An evergreen state. Innumerable parks and forests. High level of ecology. The winters are mild, fall and summer - pronounced. A half hour’s drive will lead you to the ocean; you’ll find a multitude of various beaches scattered throughout. An hour away are snowy ski resorts
The state is home to the head offices of some of the world’s largest corporations – that includes Microsoft, Boeing, Starbucks, and Amazon
High income - the highest minimum hourly wage for hired work in the country – and no state tax on personal income
Free medical insurance for people with low income
How else can our church help you?
  • Spiritual Help and Support
  • Benefits from the state*
  • Adaptation
  • Medical Insurance*
  • Help with food/groceries*
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*This aid/assistance is carried out by authorized state and other bodies, and may have separate requirements for the applicants. You can find the details by following this link: www.dshs.wa.gov


  • Anatoly N. Ivanov
    Senior Pastor of Bethany S.B.C.
  • Daniil I. Chueshkov
    Pastor of Bethany S.B.C.
If you are a U.S. citizen and Christian who wants to participate in this project as a mentor, please fill out this questionnaire
«Surety in Christ»
to get free Bible courses and find friends in Christ in the US!
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Partnership and Support
If you are a foundation, organization, or individual who wants to offer a partnership or would like to make a donation to our project – send an email to suretyinchrist@gmail.com with the subject «Partnership and support»

Host churches

Are you a representative of any Christian church from the USA or Mexico and are ready to host refugees and help them?

Email us at suretyinchrist@gmail.com with the subject «Host churches.» We will add you to the network of host churches

An individual who needs a surety to cross the US border participates in our Bible Zoom lessons for a month. After he arrives to Washington state, our church helps him adapt and get the maximum amount of help and support from the government.

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