The «Surety in Christ» project

Take free Bible classes and find friends in Christ in the United States.

Have you recently arrived to the United States or are planning to relocate here?

Are you planning on coming to the United States as a refugee?

In order to legally enter the USA, you need a “contact person”. The “contact person” must be someone who you know personally and with whom you've discussed topics unrelated to crossing the border. Although it is illegal to pay someone for being a contact person, these situations are not unheard of.

We, as citizens of the USA and Christians from various churches, are willing to offer our friendship in Christ and be free guarantors for anyone who is willing to share in our Christian principles and who needs help in adapting to life in the USA.
Churches, which participate in the
“Surety in Christ” project
Why are all the participating churches located on the West coast of the United States?
States with better programs related to helping refugees
Better ecology. Mild winter and vibrant summer and fall. The populated area is located in between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean
A multitude of high-tech companies and giant corporations
Higher levels of income (the state of Washington has the highest minimum hourly wage, and has no state income tax)
Free medical insurance programs for people with low income and immigrants
How does our project help refugees?
  • Spiritual and moral support from participating churches
  • Help in filling out paperwork for food and medical assistance from the state (food stamps and cash benefits)*

  • Help in filling out paperwork for free or cheap medical insurance*

  • Help in adapting (transportation early on, furniture, applying to college to study the English language)*

  • Legal help (licensed immigration lawyers)

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*The provision of this assistance is carried out by authorized state and other bodies, and may have separate requirements for the applicant.
Take Bible lessons in the
«Surety in Christ»
project and find friends in the USA and support in American churches
If you are a United States citizen and a Christian, and would like to participate in the project as a mentor, fill out the form here
Partnership and Support
If you are a foundation, organization or individual and want to offer a partnership, or simply want to make a donation to our project, email us at suretyinchrist@gmail.com with the subject «Partnership and support.»

Host churches

Are you a representative of any Christian church from the USA or Mexico and are ready to host and help refugees?

Email us at suretyinchrist@gmail.com with the subject «Host churches» and we will add you to the network of Host Churches.

A person who needs surety to cross the border participates in our Zoom Bible studies for a month. Afterwards, he comes to one of the participating churches, and the church helps him adapt and receive the maximum amount of help and support from the state.
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